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Cure HHT Canada

Your Canadian Donations at Work

Expanding our HHT Community in Canada!

June marks one of the most important months in the calendar year for those who suffer from HHT, as it’s National HHT Awareness Month. This year we are focusing on “HHT Changemakers” – celebrating the incredible strength, resilience, and commitment of our mighty community in our fight against HHT.

You don’t have to be a researcher or physician or scientists to be a Changemakers – Changemakers are individuals just like all of you! Patients, caregivers, supporters and friends who tirelessly advocate for greater awareness, better treatment, and – one day – a cure. Your passion and dedication inspire us every day, and together, we can achieve remarkable things. When we come together as a community to fight for the change we want to see, we are all changemakers. Learn the many ways you can become an HHT Changemaker today! 

To make an e-Transfer donation through your Canadian bank account, please use the email address

Through Cure HHT Canada, we now accept donations in Canadian dollars and issue Canadian tax receipts!

This designation opens up new avenues for our Canadian supporters to contribute to our mission. By making donations to Cure HHT Canada, you not only support vital research and awareness initiatives but also gain the added advantage of eligible tax deductions. This means your generosity goes even further in making a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by HHT.

Cure HHT Canada is a registered charity through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Registered Charity Business No. 720915149 RC0001

Your Canadian Donations at Work:

Canadian contributions will have both local impact in Canada – funding education, awareness, research, and more – as well as a global impact in helping us fund research to bring us closer to better treatments and a cure. 

A few of the ways your dollars will be put to work:

  1. Sponsorship of Young Canadian Scholars: Empowering the next generation of researchers and healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing HHT understanding and treatment.
  2. Canadian Conferences and Education Sessions: Facilitating gatherings that promote knowledge exchange, collaboration, and education within the Canadian HHT community.
  3. Increasing access to expert HHT care through Centers of Excellence: Educating and certifying existing and new HHT centers, expanding research initiatives through clinical trials and natural history patient registry.
  4. Global Impact: Beyond borders, your donations will also have a global reach. Funds may be allocated to support research outside Canada at institutions approved by Canada's Revenue Department.

This is a momentous step forward, made possible by your unwavering support.

Thank you for being an integral part of the HHT community. Your generosity is truly changing lives.

Cure HHT Canada

Board of Directors and Officers

John Dunn

Chair and Director

Jane Wace

President and Director

Savanah Benhart

Secretary and Director

Scott Boatwright


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Phone: (888) 540-CURE (2873)

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